Friday, 13 September 2013

Celtic Spring - New WIP

I have been missing beading a lot this week, strangely so I have decided to stitch another Celtic Lady, with just finishing Celtic Christmas.

So we have chosen Celtic Spring.  I ordered what I needed yesterday with Sew and So and as normal they have not let me down, by 11am this morning my goodies arrived.  So I just had to get started.

Here is my progress today.....

After 1 hour of stitching (above) with some beads on already.

After 2 hours of stitching (above)

After 3 hours of stitching (above)

I have now done another hour but the light isn't good enough for a picture tonight.  These lovely ladies are sooooo easy to stitch, the bit that takes the time is the beading.

I might just try another hour tonight and I plan to keep going this weekend too.

Happy Stitching