Tuesday, 16 February 2016

HAED Witching Hour - 332 hours

I forgot to add an update on the 1st February on The Witching Hour, this was where I was at then at 332 hours of stitching, similar to HAED Gemini but a much quicker time scale as I only started this in August 2015 but I have been spending most of my time stitching on it.

I will add another update soon on this one.

HAED Gemini - Top part complete

OMG this last page near the end was gruelling with confetti but I carried on and did it. So this has taken me 347 hours so and I started it 12th July 2012 but didn't do that much in the early years.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

HAED Challenge 1 - Cat Tales

Heaven and Earth Designs, set their 1st challenge this year to stitch diagonal in blocks of 10 x 10, you can only have the corners touching, so I had a go, different, not sure I'd do it again as I'm a cross country stitcher, now I have to tidy it up...lol

Set of Ort Bags

A lovely member of Chatterbox Stitchers made me some Ort bags a few months ago and I asked could she make me some more as I love them and look what came in the post this morning!!

A complete set, all different sizes....yay....love them.

Labelled my bobbins with symbols

I saw this idea on Facebook the other day and thought this is a great idea, especially for HAED projects, and once you finally complete your project then you can re use them.

I was going to get rid of my bobbins and boxes and switched to bags but now I'm thinking I might have to go back to bobbins, if this works.

So I have labelled all my threads in Cat Tales so I will give it a go and see how I find looking for colours.

Here is my box.

Gemini - Nearly there

I'm so trying to get this page finished then I can open up the design onto longer side stretchers, it's getting there slowly, can't believe this project will be 3 years old this June.