Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lesley Teare letter E complete

I'm a week behind on this stitch along, I should be on letter F by now.

Flower heart

I've been a couple of small things this week. I have stitched this freebie kit from Cross Stitch Crazy. 

Just got to get it put in the heart wooden frame. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Gemini update

Now I'm on 187 hours. Nearly done page 1 on the top. My set up below.

Lesley Teare ABC SAL 1st Month Complete

I've finished my first months letters. Four more tomorrow. 

I plan to do one a week.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lesley Teare ABC SAL Sampler

HNearly a month ago I started the SAL on Facebook. The next 4 letters are due to be released on Sunday. I'm nearly ready.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sunday, 8 March 2015

My Stitching Day on Gemini

Well not a lot of housework has been done today, but I have managed 4.5 hours on Gemini.

I've really enjoyed it today on my me frame set up. 

So here is where I left it in December 2014 

And now look how far I've managed to get. Pleased. Just wish I had a couple of hours a day during the week to really progress. 

Look at the colour difference under different light, the blue and black / white and gold dress now springs to mind lol. 

I will try and do an hour a day this week before work. Maybe more if I can. So let's see where I get to by this time next Sunday. 

Happy Stitching. 

Up on the Rooftops WIP - Tilton Crafts

I was lucky enough to buy this lovely chart late last year.  You can no longer buy this from Tilton Crafts

I would love to have this finished for Christmas this year but I'm not sure I will reach that target but you never know.

I started this on 30th October 2014 and to today this is where I have got to, after 85 hours of stitching, I have stitched it on 25ct Magic Guide Evenweave, my first time for a very long time stitching one thread over one square.

As you can see there is a long way to go on this one.

Needle Needs Addict

Over the years that I have been stitching, I have used many frames, but I think I might have found my favorite set up.

I never thought I would be able to lift and flip and like it with the Needle Needs Stand and Millennium Frames because I've always had frames that you rotated, but I was so lazy and would never undo the wing nuts, so over time the frames would turn themselves.

But now I have found the Needleneeds stands and frame it's so much easier, you can get to the back properly and the tension on your fabric is brilliant.

If you have never heard of these products, pop and have a look at their website Needle Needs

The massive downside is the wait for Needle Needs products, it is soooo long and communication can be poor at times, and paying for things up front for such a long wait I didn't like, but I have to say, the quality of the craftmanship, outweighs the problems.

I had been on the waiting list for their Necessaire Floor Stand since September and still not available to order, which is a great shame, I was lucky I managed to get my hands on a 2nd hand one back in November from a FB group so I then got hooked on their products.

I then went on the waiting list for their Aristo Frame, and after a few phone calls over the months it has finally been maid.

I got an unexpected phone call from lovely Marisha on Monday asking for payment as I was on the waiting list and my Aristo was ready.  Well I was dancing round the room, with glee.

One good point to Needle Needs is once the items are despatched they normally come next day, so on Tuesday I was watching and waiting for the postman and YAY it arrived.

I am so pleased with the quality of the frame that I've been using it as much as I can this week.  I plan to go fishing soon when the weather gets warmer with my partner, while he fishes I'll stitch.

Here is my set up, but I have found if I use my smaller light and magnifier it sits nicely on my lap.

A very dear friend, gave me some side stretchers before Christmas, so I then ordered the 27" bars, so that I could stitch my On the Rooftops WIP, but I had to wait and push for them to be delivered and they arrived the week before Christmas and OMG so much better working on fabric that had tension.

So I have been checking Ebay every now and then to find more Millennium frames, they do come up to buy but not often and when they do, can get very expensive.

A week ago, I say the frame in the picture above and bid on it, not expecting to win it, but I did and now I have 2 side stretchers and 2 different sizes of extension bars, so I can now work on both frames.

Oh and then another very dear friend emailed me to say she was having a clear out and had some bars for sale, well you can't say NO can you, especially when the wait is so long for them to buy brand new.  

I now have the 16" and 12"  bars, but I'm thinking I really need to buy another 27" bar so that I can have On the Rooftops set up because getting my Gemini off the bars I have isn't going to be easy as it took me 30 minutes to get it set right on them.  But I'll have to wait a long time to get them unless I'm lucky and stumble across another 2nd hand pair.

So to sum up Needle Needs Frames, if you have the money and don't mind a good wait for their products to be made to order it is well worth the wait, these beauties will never break and are a heirloom piece for the Avid Cross Stitcher.

HAED - Gemini Update at 171 hours

It's been a long time since I stitched on my HAED Gemini, looking at my time sheet it was 5th December 2014, so today I plan to work on it, but because I had a little accident in January with my kitten, eating a needle, and nearly dying, if I had not see it in his mouth, I won't be using my PAKO with threaded needles.

I have just put this lovely on my new Needleneeds Millennium Frame bars, this is where I am today, let's see how I get on stitching with this this week.

It's been a long time since I posted

Oh my word, it has been a long time since I posted on my blog.  I must try and use this more.

Sadly I've not been stitching as much as I would have over the past couple of years because I went part time in my job, then this year it is now full time so even less time to stitch.

I hope you are all ok and have stitched loads.